Kenpo Class Our Kenpo program is based in a traditional Okinawan martial art, but combines this with more modern self-protection concepts. With a base in both Okinawan Kenpo and the modern Bushidokan Karate, our Kenpo program focuses on using strikes and kicks for reality-based self defense. In addition to various drills designed to develop self defense skills, the program uses traditional forms (called Kata) to enable students to practice when no partner is available.


Our Jujitsu program combines techniques and strategies from Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, and various other forms of grappling to help students learn self protection. Here the focus is utilizing throws, chokes, and joint manipulations to defend oneself. Students in this program become well-rounded grapplers as well, as they learn to fall, roll, pin, and escape holds and submissions.


Weapons Class Our weapons program trains students to use a variety of weapons, from practical to the more esoteric. However, by becoming proficient with a wide array of weapons, students will learn to both use and defend against nearly any object in their environment. To truly learn to defend against a weapon, one must understand how an expert will use it. The program includes training in Filipino style knife and short stick, Japanese sword and short staff, and an array of Okinawan weapons. This program pairs very well with the Kenpo program, providing students with a deep understanding of self-protection in the modern world.

Combat Sports

Our combat sports program is directed at training fighters who want to compete in various combat sports (e.g., boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Judo, submission grappling). However, students are never required to compete. It is perfectly fine to train to fight without actually ever competing. This is also our most aerobic program since competative fighters must be in very good physical condition.

Special Seminars

Seminars We try to schedule special events and seminars four to six times a year. Sometimes these are with guest instructors, sometimes they cover information not normally found in regular classes. For example, our lightsaber class was popular and a great way to be introduced to Kendo fundamentals!